High School


Scholastic  Subjects    

Language offered                           :        English, Kannada, Hindi & Sanskrit

Core subjects

(Class 6,7&8)                                  :         Mathematics, Science& Social Science.

(Class 9&10)                                     :         Mathematics, Science& Social Science.

Skill  Subject                                    :          Information Technology

Co-Scholastic  Subjects 

Work Experience/SUPW               :        ICT Education

Health & Physical Education       :        Games-Recreational and competitive games

Yoga-Physical fitness, Track & field events

Fine Arts                                          :      Art & Crafts, Music & Dance

Lifeskill Education                         :       Online/Offline Inculcating values amongst the children


The School follows the National curriculum framework. The Textbooks used is in accordance with the syllabi laid down by CBSE, Delhi.