In the Secondary level the students are trained to be self reliant and resourceful to manage the challenges effectively to actualize their goals.

Through effective curriculum, we strive

  • to ignite minds and to create in students a thirst for learning and continuous development, by making the learning process an enjoyable experience
  • to equip our students with life skills that place them first among their equals, when he/she steps out into the real world

To bring out the intrinsic talents of students and develop the cultural dimension of their personality, a rich programme of co-curricular activities – games, athletics, art, dance, music, craft, drama – run parallel to the academic curriculum. Life skill education and value education modules provide an opportunity for complete / all-round development of the child.

The class X students are at a stage where they are preparing for the first major examination of their lives, the CBSE Board Examinations of Class X. Here, the school, strives to provide a scholarly yet stress-free environment to enable the student to achieve their goals and objectives. The academic achievement of the students in board exams, year after year, stand witness to the fact that no efforts are spared and no stones left unturned at JSS to identify, nurture and nourish the students’ potential.