Each year world environment day is observed to raise awareness about the importance of the environment in our lives. It is a time to reflect not just about the importance of the challenges we face but on the many initiatives small and large , that people are involved in the world over to make sure that the world becomes better ,safer ,more equitable place for mankind.

Our school commemorated the special day with a host of activities for students , starting off with posters making highlighting the theme-“Beat plastic pollution”. The students showcased creative streak and commitments toward the cause.

Smt D.H. Lakshmi , corporation for Ganesh mandir ward Sri Umesh Kabbal BJP Leader graced the occasion by presiding over the function .our Principal Madam Smt. Gowri .B Nataraja planted the saplings to mark the day.

Nagasmruti of IX highlighted the significance of the day. The theme was further highlighted by a song by junior students of the school. A dance performance portraying the five elements of nature deserves a special mention which was enjoyed by all.

The chief guest encouraged everyone to adopt a green way of living by saying no to plastic.

The students of class VIII and took up the responsibility of generating awareness in the neighbourhood armed with  banners , flyers and badges. They created quite an impact.

Showcasing these commitment towards a greener and cleaner world ,the students successfully planted the seed of hope that things will get better, where people have the knowledge will and commitment.