The little words in the Republic of Letters, like the little folks in the nation, are the most useful and

12► L.K.G ANNUAL DAY CELEBRATION DATE: 09/01/2020 [Morning] J.S.S Public School had organized the annual day celebrations for kindergarten children

12► CLASSES: V AND VI DATE: 08/01/2020 [Morning] JSSPS, BSK II STAGE celebrated its annual day on 8 th of

12► Annual day celebration (1st & 2nd std) [07-01-2020 Morning] 2019-20 J.S.S public school had organised the annual Day celebrations

(CLASS-IX & X) [06-01-2020 Evening] JSS Public School, BSK-II Stage celebrated its annual day on Jan 6th 2020 with great

Social Science activities were conducted by teachers in all classes from I to X. This was distributed on various dates

“Computers—Transforming society and shaping the future” The Co-Curricular activities of the Computer club for classes I to VII STD was

The Purpose of conducting maths co-curricular activities is to develop students level of Math skills and knowledge. This will be


Try and leave this world little better than how it was – Lord Baden Powell The spirit is there in

Gandhi Jayanti

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Activities conducted from class 1 to 10 Basics of computer parts Seminar on different generations of computers Collage Crossword puzzle

Activities conducted from class 1 to 10 Creative drawing and colouring Origami Thread painting activity Paper collage making Craft work

Mathematics- Cartesan

Activities conducted from class 1 to 10 Number drawing Clay modelling based on solid shapes, number drawing Pattern Creating design

Activities conducted from class 1 to 10 1. Kannada Poem Recitation, Play with words, Story narration, Pictorial narration, Folk song,

Activities conducted from class 1 to 10 Recognising and colouring National Symbols, Family tree, Map work on states and capitals,

Science- Universe

Activities conducted from class 1 to 10 Know your body, Hurry! Festival time, Tree of life (Collage), Aqua life, Poster

CONDUCTED ACTIVITIES Action songs, Story narration, Puzzle, Memory Game, Dictionary game, Pick and Speak, Poster making, Title and summary of