October 23, 2019


Try and leave this world little better than how it was – Lord Baden Powell
The spirit is there in every boy; it has to be discovered and brought to light.

Our camp, in fact, started on the evening of 23/10/2019 with the registration of the participants. It was followed by a meeting of the escort teachers and the officials. The first day of the camp i.e. 24/10/2019, the camp started with the rouse of the guides and scouts at 5:00 am. They were taught BP’s Six exercises for the effective starting of the day’s programme.

At 7:00 am, we had the inspection. At 7:45 am, all of them assembled for flag hoisting. We had the inaugural ceremony. They should always be ready to help others and think to go beyond. All the songs of the All Faith Prayer were taught during the session. After that, they had a singing session. By then, they were permitted to get themselves ready for the campfire programme. Then, came the most awaited session taken by the officials i.e. demo class by Mr. Vinay [scouts master] about the uses of uniform. Then they had the first-aid session. The guides and scouts learnt about first-aid treatments on burns, cuts, scars etc. Then they assembled for witnessing cultural activities.

Then they had their breakfast, followed by interesting sessions taken by the officials. Various aspects of first aid were covered by Mr Shekar [scouts master]Mr. Govind Raju, [scouts master], conducted fire extinguishing session which was followed by bandages session conducted by the Rangers. After that Mr Ramesh conducted a session on disaster Management.

The Guides and scouts had the all faith prayer at 7:00 am in a solemn way praying the almighty, respecting different religions sitting on a single platform. After the all faith prayer, we had the flag break ceremony. Afterwards, they had an open talk wherein the guides, scouts and the escort teachers got their doubts clarified with regard to their further progress in the movement. The flag-lowering ceremony of this camp was held after the prayer which was administered by Mr Satish[District Organiser]. Then, the guides and scouts returned and it was truly a memorable camp for everyone who attended.

The Character of a nation depends on the character of her citizens. So, our success will be in moulding these scouts and guides to become worthy citizens of our nation. The citizens who are useful, helpful, able to survive any situation, confident to take initiatives, bold enough to face the problems and good enough to serve others.

“The mind is like a parachute. It works only when it is open – Lord Baden

Guides, let us keep our mind open and be ready to learn throughout our life since life is learning and learning is life.

It is my prime duty to thank the management, and our principal for giving this wonderful opportunity to take part in this camp.