CCA Competition
September 25, 2018

CCA Competition

Computers—Transforming society and shaping the future”

The Co-Curricular activities of the Computer club “ IT HUB “ was conducted in the month of September 2018 . There was a wide range of activities starting from the basics of Computer, to write algorithm and drawing flow charts, Puzzle, Designing a Web page and Questionnaire on IT .

All the students took part in all the activities enthusiastically. The requirements for doing these activities were informed well ahead so that the students could come prepared. The time slot was decided upon the activity. Rubrics for judging the students work were also prepared well in advance to make a fair judgement.

For classes 1 to 10 we have group and individual activities. All the activities brought out the inherent Technical Skills of the students and increased their curiosity to learn more.

1 I STD To stick the pictures of places where computers are used
2 II STD To draw and name the parts of computer
3 III STD To draw and name the different keys on the keyboard
4 IV STD Worksheet on general computer topics
5 V STD To write algorithm and drawing flow chart
6 VI STD Puzzle on computer terms
7 VII STD Seminar on computer virus
8 VIII STD To write HTML tags
9 IX STd IT Quiz
10 X STD IT Quiz