September 5, 2018





Hindi Day was celebrated on 14th September 2018in the Assembly Hall from 1.30 to 3 pm. The auditorium was decorated with charts on Hindi poetry, write ups, collage work and Quotes.

The programme began with an invocation song ‘Raghupati Raghava’. After invoking the blessings of God, the chief guest Mrs. Gowri Nataraja, the Principal of JSS was invited to grace the occasion.

The chief guest addressed the students and teachers. She advised the students on their duties and responsibilities. Also she highlighted the importance of our national language, Hindi.

Students of class X threw light on the day’s significance followed by a melodious Hindi song.

Students of class V sang a devotional Bhajan “UÉkÉÉ iÉåUÉ zrÉÉqÉ SåZÉÉ ’’.

Poetry recitation by a student of class IX was an added attraction of the day. “ÌWûlSÏ xuÉUÍcÉiÉ MüÌuÉiÉÉ”

Students of class X depicted the present scenario of politics in the form of a play named “qÉiÉSÉlÉ”

It was quite entertaining and an eye opener.

Fun and humour was also a part of this wonderful programme.

Students of class I and class X performed a colourful dance to the tunes of patriotic songs which was well appreciated.

The programme ended with a formal vote of thanks proposed by a class IX student.

Swamiji jayanthi held on september 5th 2018.



[22-12-18] [2018-19]

The Indian mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujan was born on 22 December 1887 . It was in recognition of his contribution to Mathematics, the Government of India declared to celebrate his birthday as the National Mathematics Day.

Maths day was celebrated in our school with great enthusiasm on 22nd December 2018.The programme began with a welcome note by Yashas welcoming the Principal, staff and students. The students of class 9 invoked goddess Sarswathi with a melodious song. Manoj of class 10th highlighted significance of the day followed by a beautiful maths song depicting various concepts of mathematics such as trigonometery, algebra….and how the present generation view the difficulties in tackling problems. Some of the junior class students decorated the stage and dressed up as great mathameticians of all times, thus highlighting their contributions to our world. Prajwal kashyap of primary section also spoke about some interesting facts about Maths.

Students of senior classes performed a thoughtful dance. The Principal Gowri Nataraja Madam appreciated the efforts of the participants and encouraged them to take part in all sort of activities conducted in days to come.